Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 Books in a Boxed Set

My spouse is a writer who recently produced a memoir of ancestry, childhood and adolescence. The intent was to capture important information and memories that will be available to our children and grandchildren when the time comes for them to show an interest in such things. I offered to put the memoir into book form.
Because of its length it presented planning and design challenges. What resulted was not one book, but 3 volumes for which I created a display/storage box.

The books were inkjet printed on hand torn 90 lb Bienfang Aquademic watercolour paper. This has a nice texture and opacity. Each volume comprised 10-12 signatures bound onto tinted needlepoint canvas using wax coated embroidery thread.

Endpapers and covers were photocollaged using images from family albums and scrapbooks.

The box was lined and covered with photocollaged images reflecting significant events and cultural icons of the time period covered in the memoir. Being the 1950's -1970's the effect is decidedly retro!

Sorry I don't have a good photo of the insides.

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