Sunday, August 4, 2013

"The Price of Silence". Two new quilts.

I've now completed two more quilts in the Ontario Arts Council funded project. I'm currently calling the collection of quilts and books "The Price of Silence", These two are on display at the Paisley Mill until mid-August.

This is How We Disappear

Behind the Facade

Model for "This is How We Disappear" book.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recent Book Art

Pandora's Cannister

A figure of Greek mythology, Pandora was gifted by Zeus with a beautiful box. When  the box was opened, a host of plagues escaped to harass mankind. Only Hope remained in the box.  

The term  “Pandora’s Box”  has since gained currency as a metaphor for unintended , negative and irreversible consequences.  It’s a term often used in relation to the nuclear industry.Most recently Pandora’s name has been invoked by the  opponents  of those who are searching  for a willing community to “host” a nuclear waste  dump.

 Pandora, now a student of alchemy,  journals about the issue in her childish handwriting  as she practises drawing alchemical symbols. Her notebook is  found tucked into a canister designed for underground storage of spent  nuclear fuel rods. The dyed and stained pages of the notebook evoke the smoke and steam we fear in the event of a nuclear accident.

Pandora's Cannister, closed

Pandora's Cannister, open

How to Mend a Barn

There is such beauty in the century-old barns that grace the rural Ontario landscape.  Sadly, many have fallen into such a state of disrepair that they are being  replaced by spanking new steel edifices.  But others have been patched and repaired over time.  Their owners, masters of the art of recycling and repurposing, use  whatever materials  are at hand to shore up the old buildings: old signage, rusty sheet metal, left-over paint and lumber.  In so doing, they create surprising patches of colour and texture;  images that are particularly arresting when seen against a grim, grey winter sky.

How to Mend a Barn insideview

How to Mend a Barn cover

“How to Mend a Barn” documents  these images.  I had  first re-imagined  the old barns in textile form. I  made  an art quilt using found and recycled materials to honour the barn mending process.   I then photographed  the quilt, and used the series of patchwork  images  in the book. The text is  a poem written by my husband in the voice of one of those  resourceful  barn menders.

And here's the quilt:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 is starting out well....

What a great start to 2013! I've been awarded an Ontario Arts Council Grant to complete a series of quilts and book art on the domestic violence theme. First in the series is "Blood and Roses:, already written about in previous posts. The second quilt and book, which explore the reality that domestic abuse happens in every neighbourhood,  are well on the way to completion. Here are a few early glimpses:

The quilt top, yet without borders, hanging to establish a "plumb line".

Setting up the top for quilting.

3 editions of the accompanying book in various stages. It's a carousel book, with an outer layer of drawn and painted images, a middle layer of text and a background layer of imagery.

The other news is that one of my books has been chosen for inclusion in Lark Books 500 Handmade books series.  "Grand Canyon" is a fold book that I completed several years ago. I'm honoured to be included in this book, to be published in September 2013.