Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nine books of poetry

I'm married to a poet. Over our years together I've been the subject and the recipient of many poems. I have just finished printing and binding them in 9 volumes. I won't reproduce the content here, but I will show you the cover art, including quotes from the poems that inspired the imagery of each cover.

Most of the cover papers for this series were made using a large collagraph plate that I printed in various colour combinations on my etching press. I use Charbonnel etching inks and Somerset paper.  After printing, I cut parts of the print down to size for the covers. The scraps are saved for collage or card making.

The plate was never intended to make a full sized print: just as well as it doesn't hold together as a large piece. Additional covers were made from paper saturated with water colour. Silver and gold foil was added to some covers.

Here are some images of the collagraph plate:

                                          Blind embossed collagraph plate
                                         Inked up and ready to print

Untasted Wine

in the circle
of our separate arms,

Quench metal in cool water
hammer out
the bond between us,
fashion two

Spun From Dawn

Such tenacity and singleness of purpose
Such grim love of living
The tree explored its world while anchored to it

Try the Silk

sandstone dunes and minarets
risen cathedrals carved by the wind
shadowed depths that could
swallow entire cities

Smoke Sequence

I see hundreds
of small white-bellied fish
strung motionless
upon the pebbles

Silent Heart

tonight skirts of smoke waver
with shooting ripples
above the black horizon
The passion dancer
in the centre of the sky
unfolds her shimmering drapery
in silent white swirls

Touch of Lips

love's soul
burns bright flame

 Lovers Embrace a Falling Star

                                                                               image inspired by Patterson Ewen

The meteor burnt
a star
melted space

It fled to flower
on a winter's night
with alien fire


May some turtle girl
from another myth
find him.

Wicked Face

gauze cured in moonlight,
eyes pink seashells,
cream memory.

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